Medical instruments for neurosurgery


Recently, various medical instruments are developed in neurosurgery with development medical technology. Increase of the time to change instruments leads extension of the surgery time, so it is desire to decrease the time to change instruments. Therefore, we focused on the suction and retractor that are frequently used in neurosurgery, and silicone retractor that can be attached to the tip of the suction pipe. This device can use two functions of suction and retraction at the same time.

However, this device do not have force-sensing function, so applied force to the brain tissue by the surgeons depends on the sense of surgeons. Therefore, we develop the silicone retractor with embedded force-sensing function for attachment to surgical suction pipe.

Tetsuyou Watanabe, Toshio Koyama, Takeshi Yoneyama and Mitsutoshi Nakada, Force-Sensing Silicone Retractor for Attachment to Surgical Suction Pipes, Sensors, Vol.16, No.7, pp.1133, 2016. doi:10.3390/s16071133
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